As innovators in the field of lighting design, Lighting Design Alliance frequently appears in industry publications, both as the subject of articles and as contributing authors.

Wilshire Grand, Los Angeles Times

HOW WILL L.A.’S NEWEST HIGH-RISE FIT INTO AN EVOLVING CITY? Standing at the base of the Wilshire Grand, architect David Martin shielded his eyes to take in the scope of Los Angeles’ newest and tallest skyscraper. Eight years ago, this shimmering glass tower began its life...

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Light the Path, VMSD

Tunable white light is becoming a mainstay, while LED dimming capabilities are waving goodbye to flicker. We’ve all been there: You walk into a brightly lit store at night, and the intensity hurts your eyes. The culprit is cool-color-temperature lighting – light that more closely mimics...

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Beats By Dre

Beats By Dre LD+A, May 2015 Beats by Dre's sleek, colorful headphones seem to read consumer minds - and it's not just because they're attached to people's heads. The headsets merge technology and fashion, and they've come to be known just as much as a style accessory...

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Crafton Hills College Feature, Louis Polsen

Design Challenges for Campus-wide Relighting The campus recently implemented a construction program aimed at updating its facilities. While developing the campus-wide facilities upgrade plan, Crafton’s administrators saw the need for a modern lighting system which would provide several needed benefits including: enhanced illumination and safety for...

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President’s Perspective

 Chip Israel, LD+A, Oct 2012 I am now old enough to remember the old days, meaning before AutoCAD and long before Revit. In the good old days the projects were extensively coordinated. It may seem archaic by today's standards, but let's look back at the old process....

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