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Vincent Thomas Bridge

Vincent Thomas Bridge Los Angeles, CA

  • Client: City of Los Angeles
  • Photos: © Oddstick - George Gruel
  • Date::11 Sep 09

After several years’ coordination, the vision is finally realized. Optically-controlled, blue LED fixtures now bejewel the mile-long Vincent Thomas Bridge, connecting the main channel of the Los Angeles Harbor, amidst the amber glow of the shipping terminals. The result is aesthetically-charged yet environmentally-friendly.

While the design is simple, the road was challenging. The VT Bridge Lighting Committee initially selected an artist-directed design which was criticized at a coastal commission hearing for creating light pollution and disorientation of migratory birds. Coupled with energy shortages and maintenance requirements, the design was driven towards LEDs for reduced energy and a n over 50-year life cycle. Consequently the cost increased, causing Caltrans and the City of Los Angeles to extend the construction schedule while procuring additional funding through grants and community donations.

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