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Topshop Topman - Glendale

Topshop Topman - Glendale Glendale, CA

  • Client: Arcadia Group Limited, UK
  • Architect: Gensler
  • Photos: Shaun Lang Photography
  • Date::20 Jul 17

This high-end UK clothing brand introduced a completely redesigned concept for their 6th US location at Americana at Brand, in Glendale CA. The design team was challenged to maintain brand recognition and integrate seamlessly with a very complex architectural geometry.

Cool-white, direct-view LED striplights follow a series of design axis created by the architecture. Custom lengths and precisely angled intersections required extensive coordination with the architect, manufacturer, and contractor to ensure that the concept could be realized. Warm-white indirect LED coves give the illusion of floating ceiling planes and wall displays.

Amid the seemingly chaotic web of intersecting LED striplights, a grid of recessed multi-head downlights provide accent lighting to the general floor displays. Perimeter trackheads provide high levels of vertical illumination at feature wall displays. Fixtures were carefully aimed towards product displays so that appropriate contrast ratios were achieved.

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