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The Colony

The Colony Hollywood, CA

  • Client: SBE Entertainment
  • Architect: AMA
  • Interior Designer: ICRAVE
  • Photos: © Ryan Forbes/
  • Date::14 Dec 10

Lighting at this Hamptons themed luxury club transforms the indoor-outdoor space into a unique Hollywood retreat. Throughout the club, soft ambient lighting is concealed in decorative slots accent the beach-style materials. At the furniture groupings soft flickering table lamps adorn the tables while stem mounted downlgihts pin-spot the seating. The boardwalk and patio trellis features accented landscaping, glowing central pool and decorative glass pendants. A backlit translucent sand painting back bar and textured woven rattan pendants creates focus at the bar. Both private and dancefloor seating are wrapped in the soft illumination of textured materials to create a cozy, yet chic, oasis. Careful coordination with theatrical lighting within the space allows the inspiration of the luxurious Hamptons architectural lighting to blend into the dynamic Hollywood nightlife.

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