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Pacific City

Pacific City Huntington Beach, CA

  • Client: DJM Capital Partners, Inc.
  • Architect: SMS Architects
  • Landscape Architect: Lifescapes International, Inc.
  • Date::20 Jul 17

Pacific City is an outdoor shopping complex located in Huntington Beach, California. The site’s aesthetic is a Rustic, Beach-City vibe, so the lighting had to visually accentuate the architecture. We accomplished this by designing a family of custom pedestrian-level light poles, wall sconces, shade downlights, and catenary pendants in the traditional RLM style, but utilizing LED technology. The LED light module is regressed into the shade to create a higher cut-off angle to reduce glare and enhance visual comfort. The fixtures were provided with a marine grade finish to protect the fixtures from the salt air, humidity, and UV, along with a custom galvanized finish to enhance the rustic appearance. The lighting had to meet strict a footcandle requirement of 1FC for all walkways, so lighting was integrated onto the architecture, into handrails and bridges. Play and communal zones have decorative catenary pendants to designate living-room areas. For under the boardwalks the downlights are on all day to balance daylight.

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