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MGM Resorts Beer Garden

MGM Resorts Beer Garden Las Vegas, NV

  • Client: MGM Resorts International
  • Architect: Marnell Companies
  • Interior Designer: Markzeff
  • Photos: Amelinda B Lee, Public websites
  • Date::11 Jul 17

BEERHAUS is located in “The Park”, MGM’s new public park near Las Vegas Strip. The challenging was to provide lighting design to support the industrial-style of the architecture while distinct from the colorful activities surrounded. Lighting to create the warm welcoming space as a relaxing place to drink, play, and socialize.

Industrial-look decorative pendants and sconces are used as the primary layer of light throughout interior and exterior space, the Edison-style LED lamps are used to reinforce the theme. Small adjustable mono-point downlights accentuate the dining tables, and provide flexibility for movable game tables. Small linear LED were add under the bar counter to bring out warmth and texture of reclaim wood surfaces. All lamps used were 2400-2700K CCT retrofit LED to create the relaxing atmosphere, liquor display were highlight with cool white.

To emphasize the unlimited flow of activities from inside-out and outside-in, similar decorative fixtures and details from interior were also used at patio area.

Another prominent feature of the architecture is the wired glass window along the rear interior wall. To add the warmth and depth to the space, a row of linear LED wall grazer were used along the bottom of the wall. Diners inside became part of dynamic silhouette effect, draw the eyes from the visitors who strolling along the park. This back-lit wall remains on during non-operating hours to create attraction.

Lighting design for BEERHAUS was successfully comply with LEED, total energy used is 36.6% below ASHRAE90.1-2010. Additional allowance had been achieved from the using of programmable multi-level dimming control (using programmable time scheduling), Automatic continuous daylighting dimming in primary side-lit area and under skylight area. Lighting control and system integrator had been preset to support the needs of restaurant operator, as well as coordinated with the special lighting display in “The Park” outside.

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