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Mandara Spa Bahamas

Mandara Spa Bahamas Paradise Island, Bahamas

  • Client: Kerzner International Limited
  • Architect: HKS Architects and WATG Architects
  • Interior Designer: Lori Rapport, Interior Designer Inc.
  • Photos: © George Gruel / Oddstick
  • Date::09 Dec 09

The name Mandara comes from an ancient legend of immortality and eternal youth. Originating in Bali, Mandara’s natural tropical theme blends well with the Atlantis Resort located in the Bahamas.

To create a uniquely modern atmosphere, while evoking the relaxing nature of chromotherapy, the upstairs central rotunda and ladies lounge feature color changing panels. These panels cast carefully chosen hues which deeply saturate the spaces. As the color changing LEDs are mounted in a grid pattern behind translucent surfaces, a complex system can control each LED individually allowing for colored waves and patterns to be projected across the panels.

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