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Hollywood Bowl Fountain

Hollywood Bowl Fountain Hollywood, CA

  • Client: Hollywood Bowl
  • Architect: Rios Clementi Hale Studios
  • Photos: © Lighting Design Alliance
  • Contractor: California Restoration & Waterproofing
  • Date::31 Mar 09

The Hollywood Bowl entrance fountain, designed by sculptor George Stanley (designer of the Oscar statuette), had fallen into disrepair over the years. As part of an overall historic restoration project, the assignment was to return the lighting to its original state (circa 1940). A fiber optic system was chosen, and the standard cool white metal halide source was deemed to produce the proper color, showing off the silver-gray granite. Side emitting fiber with an asymmetric throw produced the desired effect.

While not part of the original scheme, lighting of the fountain’s three statues was deemed a must. The 15 foot high “Muse of Music” is illuminated from a pole mounted warm white ceramic metal halide spotlight located across the entry drive. Mock-ups proved that a different solution was needed for the two smaller statues. Located out of normal view in the fountain below, a single 35W MH uplight is carefully positioned to best reveal the features of the “Muse of Drama”. The smaller “Muse of Dance” is highlighted using the same technique. Low voltage halogen fountain spots accent small water jets provide added drama and tie together cool and warm white lighting elements.

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