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Herman Miller LA Showroom

Herman Miller LA Showroom Los Angeles, CA

  • Client: Herman Miller
  • Architect: TVS Design
  • Photos: © TVS Design / Brian Gassel
  • Date::10 Jun 10

When Herman Miller went looking for a flagship showroom in Los Angeles, a former warehouse caught their attention, and with the help of their design and construction team, this 28,000 square foot renovation became the first LEED Commercial Interiors Platinum project in Los Angeles.

Because Herman Miller’s products are used in many environments, the initial design directive was that the space should be a clean, modern environment with an incandescent, “residential” feel, and it was to be implemented as a low-cost, energy efficient system. The showroom itself is divided into many different vignettes, including offices with modular workstations, classrooms, meeting rooms and residential environments. Lighting becomes a unifying element for the store.

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