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Hengqin Bay Marine Hotel Restaurants

Hengqin Bay Marine Hotel Restaurants Zhuhai, China

  • Client: Zhuhai Chimelong Investment Development Co, Ltd.
  • Architect: WATG
  • Interior Designer: Wimberly Interiors
  • Photos: Derryck Menere
  • Date::26 Aug 15

Located in Chimelong International Ocean Tourist Resort, the five-star hotel features 1,888 themed guest rooms and suites, two well equipped ballrooms, 26 multi-functional meeting rooms, nine distinctive stylish dining areas and one indoor water park. LDA provided the complete scope of lighting for the hotel including façade, interiors, guestrooms, landscape, indoor water park and the swimming pools.

Each restaurant in the hotel is designed to the exquisite cuisine theme and delivers memorable dining experiences with extraordinary interior and lighting design. The Amazon Jungle All Day Dining Restaurant features a dimly lit aquarium fish tank and a big rainforest themed glass sculptural decorative light fixture creating a mysterious yet enticing ambiance for guests when they are exploring the delicious flavors of the dishes. The Captain, the luxurious steak and wine restaurant, provides an intimate and sophisticated dining environment with recessed pin-hole light fixtures and elegant decorative pendants.

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