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Greenland Luwan Riverfront

Greenland Luwan Riverfront Shanghai, China

  • Client: Shanghai Greenland Group
  • Architect: Callison
  • Photos: © Kingkay Photography
  • Date::13 Jun 11

The unique design and location of the Greenland Luwan Riverfront allows for a full 360 degree experience. Strategically located on the Huangpu River, adjacent to the 2010 world expo site, Greenland Luwan Riverfront is a landmark mixed-use development that introduces a new level of luxury in Shanghai’s Luwan district. A three-story retail podium links the three office towers, the hotel and the two signature residential towers while separate entrances provide each use a distinct identity. The lighting effects mimic the surrounding environments and works to blend the architecture with the natural landscape.

The three office towers create a statement along the urban side of the project. From afar pedestrians will notice the vertical glass fins, integrated with dynamically controlled LED lights, which travel up toward the top of the buildings. Backlit frosted glazing at the top of each tower create a continuously glowing crown. Linear uplights illuminate the interior perimeter ceiling creating horizontal bands of light that distinguish the various levels of each tower.

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