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Crafton Hills College : Learning Resource Center

Crafton Hills College : Learning Resource Center Yucaipa, CA

  • Client: San Bernardino Community College District
  • Architect: Steinberg Architects
  • Interior Designer: Steinberg Architects
  • Photos: © Engbers & Hernholm Photography
  • Date::10 Jul 12

The Learning Resource Center is the college’s newest facility, functioning as the library, learning center and campus data center. The lighting design utilizes an asymmetrical layout and clean lines to reinforce contemporary architectural elements.

In the lobby, a continuous light slot utilizing inexpensive staggered fluorescent lamps illuminates the wall and the floor. Running perpendicular to these luminaires are recessed slots with energy-efficient metal halide fixtures to provide general illumination. Emergency control designated halogen fixtures are integrated into the same slot for instant-on egress lighting.

Custom designed double gimbal halogen IR monopoint fixtures provide flexibility for the art gallery. Careful specification of transformer sizes allow the design to meet the strict energy code. Multiple lens accessories were supplied to the owner to accomodate flexibility for changing artwork displays.

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