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Beverly Hills Triangle Masterplan

Beverly Hills Triangle Masterplan Beverly Hills, CA

  • Client: City of Beverly Hills
  • Architect: Moule & Polyzoides
  • Photos: © Lighting Design Alliance / Brad Nelson / Bryan Klammer
  • Landscape Architect: Fong Hart Schneider
  • Date::07 Jan 09

In Beverly Hills, California, visitors can find some of the world’s most high-end stores. They may even find some of Hollywood’s stars shopping on Rodeo Drive. This infamous street is located in “The Golden Triangle,” five streets that comprise the city’s famous shopping district.

When the city of Beverly Hills aimed to update its popular shopping area, it provided more accessible parking and improved pedestrian and vehicle navigation on walkways and streets. However, the lighting made the biggest transformation. An entire master plan was developed to advance the lighting with an integrated system that served varied needs. Lighting designers developed more than 10 different types of custom poles to provide street, traffic, or pedestrian light. Lighting was customized depending on if it was located on a primary or secondary street. Inspired by European designs, the new street and landscape lighting brings a sleek, modern edge to the prestigious location.

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