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Beijing Noodle Company No. 9

Beijing Noodle Company No. 9 Las Vegas, NV

  • Client: Harrahs Entertainment
  • Architect: Bergman Walls and Associates
  • Interior Designer: Design Spirits Company, Ltd.
  • Photographer: © Kelly Stampe Gaez, KSG Photography
  • Date::26 Mar 09

In sharp contrast to the traditional interior of its Las Vegas Caesars Palace Casino interior, the lighting for Beijing Noodle No. 9 reinforces the design idea of layers in a contemporary bird’s nest pattern, cocooning the patron in a surreal luminous environment. The main design feature of the restaurant is the cut metal screen backlighted with LEDs. Surface mounted trackheads carefully located between the openings in the screen highlight the fish tanks and the tables. All light fixtures are concealed from direct view. The complexity of the design concept required the use of a long life, easy to maintain, and cost effective light source. Low profile, low cost LEDs create a floating effect of the screen and emphasize the painted pattern on the wall. Inexpensive PAR-20 halogen trackheads spotlight the tables to create a more traditional dining atmosphere.

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