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23 Feb 11

USGBC National Approves LDA Office LEED Course

Posted by Chip Israel

The Next Generation of Green Lighting

LEED Credential Maintenance Program Course offered by Lighting Design Alliance

The Lighting Design Alliance office provides a real world example of the effectiveness of sustainable design, operating at only 0.1W per sq. ft, where the stringent CA Title 24 Energy Code allots 1.2W per sq. ft. Looking forward, architects and designers will need to have an arsenal of creative solutions for energy savings, and this case study presents and evaluates more than 10 installed real world applications, while redefining the perception of a commercial office for the future. This presentation will walk you through the renovation of an office/manufacturing building and its goal of achieving a design meeting LEED Platinum standards, including more than 10 unique lighting and daylighting solutions. Then the presentation describes a more advanced Healthcare project (Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi) which uses innovative lighting and shading to achieve LEED certification while maintaining patient comfort.

Learning Objectives:
•List methods on how to enhance energy performance in a building.
•Recognize which credits can be achieved in building renovation.
•Utilize and customize daylighting techniques and products to fit their projects' needs.
•Describe how lighting controls can modify energy consumption and ensure comfort and productivity.

The Next Generation of Green Lighting
USGBC - Los Angeles Chapter
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