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01 Apr 11

LDA at GlobalShop 2011 - Retail and LED Lighting : Promise and Problems

Posted by Chip Israel

LED lighting is everywhere; and retailers and retail designers are getting LED pitches every day. Does LED lighting make sense?

Lighting Design Alliance, presented on this topic at GlobalShop 2011 in Las Vegas on 30 March 2011

Cutting through the hype and jargon of LED technology can be exhausting and confusing. This presentation brings designers to the inner world of LEDs to address what are the true applications in retail lighting and how to evaluate the plethora of LED product offerings. The seminar discusses the benefits and shortcomings of this ever-expanding technology and provides distinct parameters to evaluate and compare LED products. What is the role and what are the limitations of controls with LEDs? What color are they...really? How do LEDs fit in my retail environment—should I be using them? What is the future? These questions and many more are discussed with non-brand-specific product comparisons with sample "equivalent LEDs," real-world examples of price and lifecycle cost, discussion of different LED track, recessed, signage and case lighting with the important points to know when working with them.

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