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08 May 09

Chip Israel and Archit Jain speak at Lightfair 2009

Posted by Jason Stroebel

The Skinny (on) Retail Lighting Design

Chip Israel and Archit Jain presented this seminar at Lightfair 2009 on May 7, 2009 in New York.

As codes become more and more strict and retailers are looking at ways to save energy for lower costs and for projecting a responsible image, changes need to be made to the lighting scheme as well.

How can this new skinner version of retail lighting be achieved? The seminar will discuss the basics of retail lighting design and delve into specifics to attain design goals keeping in view low energy use requirements. Aesthetics, budgets and long term maintenance will be discussed using case studies as examples. New and relevant lighting technologies, including the applicability of low wattage ceramic metal halide lamps, fluorescent sources, LED and HIR halogen would be evaluated. Payback and ROI will also be discussed when existing stores are retrofitted with new energy efficient lighting. Aesthetics is key—well designed energy efficient lighting does not have to be cold and glaring.

Learning Objectives:

  • Provide the participants with basics of retail lighting design including lighting hierarchy and sources.
  • Getting the old “warm” look with new more energy efficient sources. Existing store characters can be maintained with new sources—we just have to be a little creative.
  • Using new sources (MH, CFL, LED) to replace traditional (incandescent) ones –what’s the ROI?

Download summary of the presentation in Adobe Acrobat format, or for a full copy contact bklammer(at)

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