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Lighting Design Alliance is committed to continuing education and professional development for our employees, and for our industry

Since its inception, Lighting Design Alliance has dedicated itself to education, and the development of lighting designers and our profession.

Charles Israel has served as a founding member and past president of the International Association of Lighting Designers Education Trust. A number of our designers are also instructors at local colleges including UCLA, USC and Santa Monica College.

We’re actively involved with promoting education through local, national and international lighting design organizations, volunteering as board members and speakers for the Illuminating Engineering Society, the International Association of Lighting Designers, the Designers Lighting Forum as well as international trade shows and professional organizations.

Lighting Design Alliance also sponsors a paid summer internship program at our Long Beach office, inviting students from lighting programs around the country to spend a summer working in a lighting design environment. Our interns work directly with designers and clients on projects, learning conceptual and practical design skills.

As our industry grows and matures, Lighting Design Alliance will be a leader.

  • 11 May 10
  • Chip Israel

Lighting Design Alliance Present at Lightfair 2010

10 Days with a Lightmeter: A Light Level Journal

Lighting Design Alliance principals present educational seminar at Lightfair 2010 in Las Vegas

Light level calculations and photometric studies are an essential part of the lighting design profession. But how do these studies relate to our everyday experiences with light? What do the common IES design levels of 1, 5, and 30 footcandles really feel like? In an attempt to gain a more intuitive understanding of footcandles, we spent 10 days and nights with a lightmeter at our sides 24/7. We took light level readings at various times of day in many different locations, and kept an “illuminance journal” to note our impressions. Join us we share our insightful (and sometimes comical) observations.

• Gain an intuitive sense of light levels. What does a certain light level feel like in various situations?
• We are often asked if there will be enough light. Can we define enough?
• How do perceived lighting levels change with environment and locale?
• Can we make do with less light than is typically recommended? Can we use less light, feel comfortable and promote sustainability? Appreciate the human eye.

Lightfair 2010 Seminar #L1OS22
Thursday, May 13, 2010

Lightfair 2010
Lightfair 2010 Seminars

  • 08 May 09
  • Jason Stroebel

Chip Israel speaks at Lightfair 2009

The Skinny (on) Retail Lighting Design

Chip Israel presented this seminar at Lightfair 2009 on May 7, 2009 in New York.

As codes become more and more strict and retailers are looking at ways to save energy for lower costs and for projecting a responsible image, changes need to be made to the lighting scheme as well.

How can this new skinner version of retail lighting be achieved? The seminar will discuss the basics of retail lighting design and delve into specifics to attain design goals keeping in view low energy use requirements. Aesthetics, budgets and long term maintenance will be discussed using case studies as examples. New and relevant lighting technologies, including the applicability of low wattage ceramic metal halide lamps, fluorescent sources, LED and HIR halogen would be evaluated. Payback and ROI will also be discussed when existing stores are retrofitted with new energy efficient lighting. Aesthetics is key—well designed energy efficient lighting does not have to be cold and glaring.

Learning Objectives:

  • Provide the participants with basics of retail lighting design including lighting hierarchy and sources.
  • Getting the old “warm” look with new more energy efficient sources. Existing store characters can be maintained with new sources—we just have to be a little creative.
  • Using new sources (MH, CFL, LED) to replace traditional (incandescent) ones –what’s the ROI?

Download summary of the presentation in Adobe Acrobat format, or for a full copy contact bklammer(at)

Lightfair 2009 | Lightfair Workshops and Seminars

  • 22 Feb 08
  • Chip Israel

Hospitality Lighting Full article >>

Chip Israel and Varma Namburi presented this seminar at the Light India International 2008. The conference brought together lighting professionals from around the world to take part in seminars and exhibits. A large exhibition of lighting technology accompanied the conference.

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