Lighting Design Alliance

Our services range from concept development to fully documented lighting design, from custom fixture design to designing with only standard products. We have the resources and expertise to run complex illumination calculations, daylighting analysis, life cycle analysis, and cost comparative studies.


Established in 1992, Lighting Design Alliance is an internationally-known, full-service architectural lighting design firm. Our expertise includes the design and specification of complete lighting and control systems, concept through installation. The services we provide address value and quality, and incorporate an awareness of design aesthetics, various production options, and the effective use of energy. LDA’s client base includes major real-estate developers from around the world, corporate entities and the leading architectural firms. Ninety-five percent of our business is repeat clientele.

With a diverse staff of in-house designers and qualified support personnel assisted by state-of-the art infrastructure and technology, Lighting Design Alliance is able to meet the most stringent deadlines while, at the same time, providing innovative lighting design solutions. Seamless digital integration, computer modeling, photorealistic renderings and even full scale mock-ups ensure a design that will perform as intended.

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Lighting Design Alliance’s projects cover a range of venues:

theme parks
hotels and resorts
corporate offices
retail centers/stores
entertainment facilities
educational facilities
masterplanning and street lighting

In order to satisfy the needs of our variety of clients, we use the industry’s most current technology in numerous applications. We take pride in our ability to create remarkable lighting designs that yield minimal energy consumption. LDA has the resources and expertise to run complex illumination calculations, daylighting analysis, life cycle analysis, and cost comparative studies.

Quality control methods within our process help to ensure the accuracy of our documentation, minimizing costs to the owner while allowing the rest of the design team to work more efficiently. Our client services and a design based on aesthetics but grounded in reality makes us a natural fit for any design team.

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Lighting Design Alliance is a professional team that uses light as the basic element in the expression of architectural space. The company strives to heighten visual cues that the individual experiences within an environment and to manipulate perception to affect any of a number of intended psychological responses.

Using a variety of related knowledge, with lighting as the unifying element, appropriate solutions evolve naturally. Whether it is architectural accentuation, energy savings, dramatic effects, or just comfort, each project is evaluated for its unique creative opportunity.

Philosophically, the design intent is to create the proper environment by integrating the use of concealed light sources, natural light, and decorative fixtures. The careful integration of a collective design concept in every project guarantees success.